Photo Tour

Over 50 buildings remain at Bannack today. Each one with a story to tell. Join us as we take you through a photo tour and explore the rich and colorful history of Bannack. When you're ready to see the whole town site, come Visit Bannack!

Old Cemetery


The old cemetery, located on a hill above Bannack, just east of the gallows, has not been used for many years. The crumbling stones and other crude markers silently tell the tales of love and woe. Whether accidental, natural or intentional, death claimed the lives of young and old alike. Residents from every walk of life were brought together in one final resting place. Even though most of the grave markers are gone, the Old Bannack Cemetery is a testament to the harsh reality of life in a frontier town. This cemetery was used from 1862, which was when Bannack was founded, up until about 1880.

In approximately 1876 the residents of Bannack started using another cemetery. It is located just outside the park entrance, off the county road coming into the park. Over sixty marked graves offer an insight into Bannack's past. It is a very worthwhile stop.

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